Dorothy Morse

My husband is 87 years old and recently had an incident involving mental capacity. He was hospitalized at Lee Health for 26 days and was released to a local nursing home in Cape Coral. He was there for 18 days during coronavirus quarantine and we could not see him, or check on the treatment he was receiving. He didn’t get therapy, and they said he misbehaved, which could have been, as his capabilities were not up to par. However, we were not pleased with the care he received. Nurses would tell us things were being done and they weren’t. He fell six times in the first 10 days unwitnessed needless to say I couldn’t put with this lack of supervision. So I opted to cancel his premium insurance and go back to original Medicare as I found out that Signature HealthCARE at College Park would take him through Medicare. I transferred him out of the Cape Coral facility and into the five-star Signature facility. He could not walk when he entered Signature, but 37 days later he walked out with a walker, his mind was much improved, and he was able to take care of some of his personal care items. The doctor and assistant physician are excellent, nurses and therapists are caring and very knowledgeable in fact the entire staff including the administrator were excellent. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone looking for a place to take a loved one for extended care. In fact I also recommend the facility to the home health people. I say thanks to all the staff for all their support and love for my husband.
– Dorothy Morse

Dorothy, we are humbled by your heartfelt & thoughtful review of our facility. We’re proud to have served you and your husband, and we are so thrilled that he is thriving! We truly appreciate all of our residents and thank them for coming to us for care. Thank you, Dorothy, we wish all the best you & your husband!