National Day Of Prayer Event at College Park

Our National Day of Prayer was a great success. Staff and Residents as well as families were pleased to be a part.

We started with prayer and then a poem written by our QOL director. We then had ministers/ pastors from variable backgrounds present a short word on prayer and close their time with prayer.

One of the biggest highlights for us and others involved was, Adam, a resident with us who asked to pray for his second year at NDOP. As he prayed he encouraged the other residents to be thankful for Signature and all that it provides for them. He pointed out the need to pray for the nation and the benefits that comes with daily prayer for our own lives. His prayer was one of the most powerful at the event.

Chaplain gave a short message and prayed. Our DON also presented a word and prayer.

Mrs. Sylvia Kruse, our administrator, said a big “thank you” to all who had taken part in making this NDOP so good.

One of our lead nurses closed the event with comments, a short song and prayer

We had a great time. A big score for the kingdom of God!!

Chaplain Jeremiah Ingram
Signature HealthCARE at College Park